Aesthetics Academy Charleston Body sculpting courses and certification


Dr Kraichely is a 1997 graduate of Logan University.The education he received toward his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree, included energy based modalities for pain. Many of these devices have become the foundations for todays body sculpting machines.

Dr Kraichely’s degree in Human Biology, combined with over 2 decades in practice, have given him the knowledge and experience to write peer validated treatment and safety protocols for some of  most popular body sculpting machines in use today. He has written all of the training material that you will receive during your time of study. The training manuals are based on peer reviewed published data archived by the National Institute of Health.

For over five years, Dr Kraichely has lectured and trained physicians, nurses and estheticians in the science and art of body sculpting.  He has also attended seminars conducted by industry leaders BTL, InMode, and Cutera.