Aesthetics Academy Charleston Body sculpting courses and certification

Body Sculpting Advanced Course

About Our Classes:
  • Classes are $1500 per person per class.
  • Groups of 3 friends or more who register together, will pay $1000 per person per class.

In this course learn about some of the “big” names in the Aesthetic industry. You will gain valuable knowledge and experience¬† that will make you sought after in the Aesthetics field.

Get hands on experience using Belle Sculpt (abdomen) and other popular machines. Carbon Laser is also available at an additional fee.


Body Sculpting 101, or a valid esthetician license and three years of experience.

What you will learn in the Advanced Body Sculpting course:
  • What is PTEMS
  • What is Dynamic monopolar therapy
  • The science of Dynamic monopolar therapy
  • What is lipodystrophy
  • Consulting with clients
  • Safety¬†precautions
  • Contraindications
  • Treatment protocols