Aesthetics Academy Charleston Body sculpting courses and certification

RF, Cavitation, and Laser Lipo

Ultrasonic cavitation body sculpting class Aesthetics Academy of Charleston
Radio frequency body sculpting class Aesthetics Academy of Charleston
About Our Classes:
  • Classes are $1500 per person per class.
  • Groups of 3 friends or more who register together, will pay $1000 per person per class.

A great starting point for a successful career in body sculpting begins with an education in Ultrasonic cavitation, Radio  frequency, and Laser Lipo.

Ultrasonic cavitation uses ultrasonic wave to create small bubbles of gas inside of fat cells.  These bubbles push fat out of openings in the cell wall.  The result, less fat in the area treated.

Radio frequency (bipolar and multipolar) sends energy frequencies into the skin causing the collagen to contract.   Over the course of several treatments, new collagen appears.   This well researched technology gives the skin a tighter, wrinkle free look within a few treatments.

Laser Lipo uses select frequencies of unfiltered laser light to penetrate the superficial fat layer inducing the photochemical effect.  The fat cells release fat when exposed to the laser light, which is then filtered out of the body using the lymphatic system

What you will learn in this course:
  • What is Radio Frequency and how does it work
  • What are the different types of Radio Frequency the their uses
  • What is Ultrasonic Cavitation, and how does it work
  • What do the different Ultrasonic frequencies do
  • What is Laser Lipo and how does it work
  • What co frequencies improve Laser Lipo
  • What parts of the body can be safely treated
  • Basic anatomy and physiology
  • Consultation process for new clients
  • Contraindications to treatment
  • Hygiene and cleaning tips,  
  • Client draping techniques
  • Proven treatment protocols
  • Pre and post treatment handouts that you can use
  • Advice on pricing and increasing sales