Aesthetics Academy Charleston Body sculpting courses and certification

Hydro Facial

Hydro Facial body sculpting class Aesthetics Academy of Charleston
Hydro Facial body sculpting class Aesthetics Academy of Charleston
About Our Classes:
  • Classes are $1500 per person per class.
  • Groups of 3 friends or more who register together, will pay $1000 per person per class.

The hydro Facial has become the “must have” skin treatment for discerning women everywhere.  This gentle non-invasive treatment produces great results with no downtime and no pain.

Learn this treatment with the newest technology.  We start with the basics, the signature facial of exfoliating, cleaning and extraction, then we build on your education with 11 more advanced procedures.

What you will learn in Hydro Facial 110:
  • What are the different handles in an advanced Hydro Facial
  • How to analyze your clients skin and develop a skin care plan
  • How do you use a Skin Analyzer
  • What are the contraindications
  • Facial Anatomy
  • Client consultations
  • Hygiene and cleaning
  • Treatment protocols and techniques
The following handles will be covered:
  • Hydro Facial wand
  • High frequency (Argon and Neon)
  • Oxygen Jet
  • Bio Microcurrent
  • Ultrasonic Scrubber
  • Diamond Dermabrasion
  • Micro Needle (does not penetrate skin)
  • Cold Hammer
  • Red and Blue light LED
  • Injet Micro
  • Ultrasonic head  (large and micro heads)